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Finding the best scones - Inspirational Tea Co.

Finding the best scones

Lemonade in scones. Would Margaret Fulton approve?

The Chats 10 Looks 3 Facebook group has 45 thousand members, and I knew it would be the perfect place to ask my burning question:

How do you make the perfect scone?

Success has eluded me for years, and it was starting to become an issue. How does a devonshire tea tragic, with a business that often requires photos, serve up to the world her rock hard, bite sized morsels? There's only so much you can hide with jam and cream.

So I took a chance on being outcast from a group inspired by the baking queen Annabel Crabb, and put the question out there.

I received 222 comments. I got videos, long held family recipes, debates over jam/cream or cream/jam and a long list of tips.

But the biggest surprise of all? Lemonade!

Here I was diligently staying true to my Margaret Fulton recipe, rubbing that butter into flour with all my good intent and lightest, coldest fingers, and it turns out everyone else has discovered the cool, bubbly and sweet fix that is lemonade.

It's just not cricket.

Well of course I immediately had to conduct a series of tests. I tried lemonade, sugar free lemonade and soda water. I switched from milk to cream. I grouped together all the tips and followed them diligently. 

Am I now the scone queen? No. But I'm working on it. I'm still parked firmly in the camp that blames their oven for cooking failings, but my scones have improved slightly.

I put my learnings to good use and included a card in our Tea & Scones for Two Gift Box. In the end I made my peace with the lemonade, but you'll see it still only landed the role of Understudy.

Here it is below. Enjoy -  tea lovers.

As the silly season hits us, remember to take time for tea. 

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