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About Us

Put simply, we love tea. We live it, we breathe it.  Heck, we often dream about it.

Why tea you ask?

It’s like the reliable friend you can lean on in the good times, and the bad. It’s that feeling you get after a yoga class, but without having to do the actual yoga. It’s restorative. It’s self-care with little output but infinite returns. It’s pretty much its own superpower.

At the Inspirational Tea Co., we like to think of our inspired range of teabags and tea products as a warm hug in a mug, and our goal is to make tea lovers feel good simply by pausing for a cup of tea.  Where a daily ritual becomes an opportunity to inspire and connect, to invite calm and productivity. 

For us though, it goes further than the tea we produce.  It’s about how we go about our business and how we continue to make a positive difference even as we grow.  We are a proud Australian company with an unwavering focus on community.  We walk our talk in everything we do – from showcasing Australian poets and artists in our packaging, eliminating plastic in our gift boxes, and supporting women’s shelters through a $1 donation for every hand folded gift box sold. Click here to learn more.

Welcome to your daily dose of self-care.

Don’t take our word for it; take theirs:

 “I purchased these for two of my best friends and every day they had their tea I'd get a pretty photo of the inspiration that was printed on the tag to get us through the day.”

 "English Breakfast has become my "special tea", it has a lovely rich flavour and aroma. I love the quotes on the tags and I really like knowing that buying Monji Tea means I'm helping Australian women.”


 Our Story


I'm Tanya, a lifelong tea lover and founder of Inspirational Tea Co. and Monji Tea. 

I’m an ex-corporate girl and have worked across beer, chips, pies and vitamins, but I've found my home in tea. For me, tea has always been about connection and comfort.

Inspirational Tea Co. came about from a Mother's Day gift from my daughter – a teabag with a sweet message stapled to the tag.  As I brewed the tea and read the note, I realised the power of combining a positive message with a treasured everyday ritual. Pretty soon after, our tea store came to life. We’ve grown and evolved since then but our core focus remains the same: 

To produce bespoke tea products that taste good, make you feel good and do good in the community.  

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