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Apr 7, 2022

Tea and Chocolate, Together is Better

A cup of tea, whether shared with another or enjoyed by oneself, is always a restorative ritual. Likewise, devouring ...

Jan 9, 2022

How Tea Time Rituals Keep the Calm and Enhance Your Wellbeing

It's official! In times of crisis (or pandemic), people turn to tea.  The US Tea Association concluded something we knew already, that tea is an enabler for de-stressing, and the ritual of making and drinking it provides a feeling of “centeredness” in anxious times.  Learn how you can use a tea ritual to enhance your wellbeing this year. 

Jul 10, 2021

What makes a gifting hero?

What makes someone get more of a kick than others out of giving gifts? What qualities does it take to be always looking to make others happy, especially with little surprises? Meet Sally, our gifting hero and find out.

May 24, 2021

I hosted a tea party: 3 things I learned

Hosting a Tea Party, Downton Abbey style, was the goal. I knew it would not be easy, especially with one major missing factor. A Downstairs team. Find out the three things I learned.

Feb 12, 2021

The green tea with added health benefits

How do you make the supercharged antioxidant green tea even better for you? Add a little bit of mint and a whole lot of tradition.

Nov 28, 2020

Tea breaks and heat stroke

It's shearing time and the team is counting on ten-year-old me to make it in time for smoko. Armed with a thermos in a backpack, my trusty pushbike and the fear of letting the side down, I must push through the searing heat and deliver the tea. 

Nov 28, 2020

The great lemonade scone scandal

You love scones, but you suck at making them. So you ask a large Facebook Group joined by their love of baking for advice. What you discover will shock you.

Sep 6, 2020

Best Australian owned gifts for tea lovers

Finding the perfect tea gifts while also supporting Australian owned businesses can be hard, but if you're shopping for a tea lover, there's plenty of unique tea themed gifts that do just that.

Jun 25, 2020

A bit about me..

Why does Monji Tea exist, and why do we think that a simple teabag can create a more calm & productive day.

Jun 25, 2020

Tea: the superhero beverage

Could the simple act of taking a tea break actually make you more productive, creative and calm?  Definitely. Learn why tea is the superhero beverage.

Jun 25, 2020

What not to do at a tea party

Did you stand in circle or speak a little loudly at your last tea party? Don't expect another invitation..

Jun 25, 2020

What is bone china and why we love drinking from it

They're pretty, delicate but strong, and steeped in history. Learn what makes bone china cups and saucers so good to drink tea from.
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