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How to Brew a Tea bag The Best Way to Brew a Tea Bag

Tips For Brewing Tea from a Tea Bag

When brewed properly and made with high-quality ingredients, tea bags are a convenient and hassle-free way to brew a perfect cup of tea, with all the health benefits associated with drinking tea.
Here's our top five tips to brewing an amazing cup of tea every time.

1. Start with Fresh Water

For the best flavour, we recommend using freshly drawn water from the tap or a filtered source.

Fresh water is important when brewing tea because it contains more oxygen than water that has been boiled before, and oxygen is essential for bringing out the full flavour and aroma of the tea leaves. 

2. Heat the water to the right temperature

Different tea types need specific water temperatures to bring out their unique flavours. Check the packaging for a recommended temperature for the tea you have chosen.

Invest in a kettle that has an adjustable water temperature function and check the packaging for the ideal brewing temperature. 

3: Choose a quality teabag

Some manufacturer's put their poorer quality tea into tea bags (but not us!)

Look closely at the size of the leaf in your teabag. Any black or green tea should look liked a bunch of curled up leaves, and not contain a large amount of dust or fannings. 

When it's finished steeping, a good quality tea bag will be almost bursting with fully expanded leaves.

4. Brew your tea for the right amount of time

Brewing your tea for the right length of time is crucial to ensure that you get the best possible flavour.

Steeping your tea for too long can result in a bitter taste, while steeping it for too short a time can result in a weak, flavourless cup.

The ideal steeping time varies depending on the type of tea you are brewing, as different teas require different amounts of time to fully release their flavours and aromas.

Follow the instructions on the pack for the ideal brewing time.

5. Don't add milk too early

Milk should not be added to tea until after it has stopped steeping. This is because adding milk to the tea while it is steeping can interfere with the natural chemical reactions that occur during the brewing process.

Milk can cause the proteins in the tea to bind together, which can prevent the full flavour and aroma of the tea from being released.

By waiting until the tea has stopped steeping before adding milk, you can ensure that you get the fullest, richest flavour from your tea and enjoy a perfectly balanced cup.


We all love a good cup of tea. By following these five simple steps, your tea bag is guaranteed to give you a delicious cup of tea.

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