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Tea: the superhero beverage - Inspirational Tea Co.

Tea: the superhero beverage


Could the simple act of taking a tea break actually make you more productive, creative and calm? 

As tea lovers we all know there is a special magic to our favourite beverage, but did you know it's also chemically enhanced? Studies show that the presence of the compound L-Theanine found in black tea can affect aspects of brain function in humans, relaxing the mind without bringing on drowsiness.

Combine this with the knowledge that adding regular breaks into your working day has multiple benefits and we start to paint the picture of a must-have daily ritual.

A 2011 University of Illinois study found that the human brain’s attentional resources drop after a long period of focusing on a single task, decreasing our ability to focus and hindering performance. 

Taking regular breaks has the effect of helping you to process and retain information and see the bigger picture, making us both more creative and productive.

What a superhero! Do we need any more reasons to take time for tea Tea Lovers? I think not..

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