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Bundle: English Breakfast, Moroccan Mint, Lemongrass Ginger Tea Bags 25pks

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Try all Three When You Can't Decide!

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Bonus: Bundle of English Breakfast, Moroccan Mint and Lemongrass & Ginger 25pks with Inspirational quotes comes with a free Byron Bay White Chocolate & Macadamia Cookie.

What happens when you combine the superpowers of tea with inspirational quotes? First there's Escape, then Calm, followed by a hit of Inspiration and a lingering Productivity. All this from the humble cup of tea! 

But not just any tea, our teabags are one-of-a-kind,  combining the superpowers of tea with a daily dose of inspiration. It's your very own cheerleader in a cup.

This bundle includes:

  • 1 x English Breakfast teabags inspirational tags 25pk
  • 1 x Moroccan Mint teabags inspirational tags 25pk
  • 1 x Lemongrass & Ginger teabags inspirational tags 25pk

Why Choose a Bundle?

Buying a mix of three tea types means you get to explore different tastes and find your favourite. You'll also save money and enjoy the bonus of a delicious cookie!

What makes our teabags special?

  • quality whole leaf tea – not the leftover stuff that got rejected for loose leaf
  • biodegradable - made from plant based non-GMO sugar starch
  • inspirational - twenty different tag messages on the tags

What kind of quotes are on the tags?

When you enjoy this rich and soothing tea, you’ll be inspired by one of our twenty tag messages. Each one has been chosen to motivate, encourage or uplift.

Let fate decide which message you need to hear, and revel in the knowledge that it has its eye on you.

Pick your tag at random - the right words will find you!

English Breakfast

A fragrant and full-bodied black tea blend from single estate Chota Tingrai, located in the Tinsukia district of Assam.

Winner of a Bronze Medal in the Golden Leaf Tea Awards 2021.

Moroccan Mint

This revitalising tea is an exotic blend of green tea, spearmint and peppermint leaves. Boldly refreshing and naturally high in antioxidants with a flavour as lively and light as a newly plucked leaf. 

Winner of a Bronze Medal in the Golden Leaf Tea Awards 2021.

Lemongrass & Ginger

Fresh and zesty lemongrass perfectly complements the warm and spicy essence of ginger. Naturally caffeine free, this blend is both refreshing and uplifting and can be enjoyed hot or cold.


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